Information on nanomaterials: what you can find in the EUON's databases

This publication gives you an overview of the following databases: Search for nanomaterials – database of nanomaterials on the EU market, NanoData – knowledgebase of research projects, industrial sectors and products, Catalogue of cosmetic ingredients – nanomaterials used as cosmetic ingredients, Nanopigments inventory – nanomaterials used as pigments, eNanoMapper – data and tools for risk assessment.


Risk assessment of nanomaterials - further considerations

Like all chemicals, nanomaterials are being produced, used and disposed of and this is called the life cycle. When assessing the risk of a certain chemical, taking all these steps into account is necessary but may also be complex. Many nanomaterials are used in numerous products on the market, i.e. they have a widespread use, which makes the life cycle consideration even more challenging. This publication presents further considerations for the hazard and exposure assessment of nanomaterials for human health and the environment.


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