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Nanomanufacturing products can be classified as either nanotools or nanomaterials.

Nanotool products include:

  • products for nanomanipulation (such as actuators and positioning tools)
  • nanomachining tools (for mask repair and micro-nano-machining)
  • products related to microscopy (AFMs and related equipment)
  • nanolithography products (including gratings, focussed ion-beam systems and imprinting systems)

For nanomaterials, the largest numbers of products are solid particles, carbon nanotubes and thin films. Nanomaterials include:

  • solid nanoparticle products, including powders, wires, fibres, rods and dots
  • graphene products
  • products that are some form of carbon nanotube
  • nanostructures monoliths, including aerogels and membranes
  • nanocomposites
  • nanoscale thin films, including protective coatings and sputtering targets

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