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Standards development on nano-enabled energy applications is mostly done via the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) technical committee IEC/TC 113 Nanotechnology standardization for electrical and electronic products and systems.

Several standards on of the IEC series on nanomanufacturing key control characteristics target the production and storage of energy. Cathode nanomaterials for lithium ion batteries are addressed in IEC/TS 62607-4-1, IEC/TS 62607-4-2, and IEC/TS 62607-4-3. IEC/TS 62607-4-4 Nanomanufacturing – Key Control Characteristics – Part 4-4: Nano-enabled energy storage - Thermal characterization of nanomaterials, nail penetration method is also under development. Photovoltaics will be covered in Part 7 of this IEC series: experts are drafting the document Nanomanufacturing – Key Control Characteristics – Part 7-1: Nano-enabled photovoltaics measurements of the electrical performance and spectral response of tandem cells.

ISO has a number of technical committees dedicated to different types of energy production (e.g. ISO/TC 28 Petroleum and petroleum products, ISO/TC 180 Solar energy and ISO/TC 203 Technical energy systems).