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ACEnano: Goobdye, Hello

Read the latest Nanopinion guest column from Dr. Eugenia Valsami-Jones about ACEnano, a Horizon2020 project which has recently completed its 4.5-year course. The main goal of the project was to strengthen clarity into nanomaterial risk assessment by a tiered approach to nanomaterials physiochemical characterisation. 

“Thus, ACEnano produced a suite of new analytical solutions, some of which are already available to use (e.g., in mass spectrometry, instrument hyphenation and automated exposure) and others which require further development but have progressed sufficiently to prove their value (e.g., assays and sample introduction system). And the innovation does not stop there. A further ambition of the project was to create a “conceptual toolbox” to hold all of the project’s analytical achievements, some of which were specifically aimed towards demystifying and simplifying analysis, through interlaboratory comparisons, reliable protocol development and making all these accessible via a centralised hub to the community.”

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