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Help co-create nanotechnology for the health, energy and food sectors

GoNano EU project logo

More than ever European citizens are invited to contribute and co-create on future priorities, applications and research and innovation projects. As part of its co-creation process, GoNano, an EU funded Horizon 2020 project invites you to share your thoughts on the first suggestions for future nanotechnology applications in the health, energy and food sectors.

Helsinki, 18 July 2019 – Citizens in the Netherlands, Spain and the Czech Republic have shared their needs and what their values are, and researchers, businesses and policy developers have made suggestions for new applications that could meet them. Now is your chance to have your say and participate in the co-creation of future innovations.


The EU-funded GoNano project enables co-creation between citizens, civil society organisations, industry, researchers and policy makers across Europe to align future nanotechnologies with societal needs and concerns. The goal is to co-create concrete product suggestions within the areas of food, health and energy, illustrate new opportunities for innovation and develop policy recommendations.

ECHA hosts the European Observatory of nanomaterials (EUON), which supports EU funded research by promoting the activities and results of the different research projects.