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Substances in nanoforms: urgent revision of REACH information requirements needed

The current strategy for the evaluation of substances and dossiers with nanoforms was discussed in the Agency's Management Board in December 2017. It highlighted a number of challenges when performing compliance checks or substance evaluations on substances with nanoforms under the current REACH legal text. ECHA agrees with policy makers that the lack of hazard information about nanomaterials on the EU market hampers their risk assessment and identification of the potential need for further risk management measures.

ECHA's Management Board agreed that for an effective implementation of REACH for substances with nanoforms, explicit requirements are urgently needed in the legal text.

In the meantime, ECHA will increase its efforts in working together with Member States to amend OECD Test Guidelines and to ensure they can generate reliable and relevant data also for the nanoforms of substances. This work, together with the expected changes in the REACH Annexes, will pave the way for further updates to ECHA's guidance documents on nanomaterials.

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