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The commercial applications of nanotechnology in the field of ICT include: nanotechnology- enabled data storage technologies (e.g. hard disc media and computer memory); materials to make ICT (e.g. conductive inks for printed electronics); materials to enhance ICT (e.g. electro-conductive coatings); and nanotechnology-enabled components (e.g. multilayer ceramic capacitors and magnetic nanocomposites). A future market is anticipated in novel applications using technologies such as spin waves, spintronics, and quantum dot technologies.

The products are found in:

  • Data storage;
  • Printed electronics;
  • Chemical-mechanical polishing compounds (CMP compounds);
  • Electrostatic discharge protection and prevention (ESD);
  • Low-k dielectric coatings;
  • Electro-conductive coatings;
  • Electronic shielding (POSS); and
  • Components.

The largest markets globally in 2014 were estimated1 for low-k dielectric films for electrostatic protection (USD 870 million); sputtered magnetic coatings for hard discs (USD 429 million); nanoparticles in ceramic capacitors (USD 242 million); and nanoinks for printed electronics (USD 225 million). The highest growth for these products is forecast in low-k dielectric films, followed by nanoinks (and the silver nanoparticles they contain) and nanoparticles in ceramic capacitors. However, the market for new products such as transparent electrodes is expected to be very strong. In total markets in 2019, the forecast is for almost USD 7 billion for low-k dielectric, USD 1 billion for nanoinks for printed electronics, and almost USD 0.5 billion for sputtered magnetic coatings for hard disc applications. Currently unquantifiable market opportunities may arise from spintronics, quantum computing and valleytronics.

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