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An EU market estimate was not identified for the period studied in this report. The US nanotechnology market size for the construction industry was worth USS 100 million in 2011 and is forecast to rise to more than USD 1.75 billion by 2025.  

There is a number of suppliers operating and new products being launched, with the largest application being coatings, followed by composites and concrete, and then additives.  The application of nanotechnology in the construction market includes uses in paints, windows and doors, flooring, siding, roofing, lighting, plumbing, roads, and bridges.  Some of the leading players in the market are Altair Nanomaterials, Bayer, Cabot, Cara Plastics, Degussa, DuPont, Elementis, Nanophase Technologies, Nanocor, Pilkington, PPG Industries and TOTO.1  



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