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Markets for electronics are an indicator of markets for ICT so details of market estimates and forecasts for electronics are given in the table below.

Global market values for electronics (multiple sources)​
  Market value USD (year specified) Future market value USD (year specified) CAGR %
Total semi-conductors market (global) [1] 290bn (2013) 366bn (2017) 5 %
CMOS technology (22, 32/28 and 45/40 nm) [2] 226bn (2013) [3] n/a n/a
Compound semi-conductors [4] 27bn (2012) 47.4bn (2017) 12 %
Flexible electronics via roll-to-roll production [5] 10.8bn (2012) 22.7bn (2017) 16 %
Printed electronics [6] 4bn (2013) 15bn (2018) 30 %


According to BCC Research, global sales for nanotechnology products in the ICT sector in 2013 were estimated to be USD 2 billion, and are forecast to be USD 10.2 billion in 2019. Higher growth is forecast for commercialised products (growing to USD 9.9 billion in 2019) than for emerging products (USD 0.37 billion in 2019). A comparison of global sales estimates for ICT by type of nanomaterial shows that thin films accounted for the largest share in 2013, with further increases expected to 2019. The main driver of this trend is the expected growth in the market for low-k dielectric coatings. The market share of solid nanoparticles is expected to decrease by 2019 to about half of its size in 2013, while the share of the sales of thin films is projected to almost triple in the same timeframe. Carbon nanotubes are currently forecast to play only a marginal role in terms of shares of sales.

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  7. It should be noted that market estimates and forecasts undertaken by different organisations are based on different assumptions and methodologies, sample a different set of expert opinions and use different models to arrive at the data they present. By using data from one organisation, and linking it to original NanoData work on products, the aim is to minimise the error between datasets. However, there is no evidence that these data are more correct than other data.