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The application of nanotechnology for energy covers various fields, such as energy sources, energy conversion, energy storage and energy use. Nanotechnology can help both in improving the development of conventional as well as renewable energy sources. 

Nanotechnology products contribute to increasing the efficiency of use (e.g., lighting, heating, etc.) of conventional and renewable energy sources. For instance, resistant drill probes coated with nanomaterials can increase the lifespan and efficiency of systems used for the exploration of oil and natural gas deposits or geothermal energy. Concerning thermal insulation, aerogels, which are lightweight and highly porous nanostructured materials, can be used in houses and commercial buildings. Light-weight construction materials could also be used in automobiles, thereby reducing fuel consumption and saving energy. Another example includes the use of PbTe-based QD, nanoengineered InGaN/GaN (indium gallium nitride/gallium nitride) layered structures and silicon nanowire in to provide more efficient LED and OLED lighting.1,2,3,4,5 Therefore, the application of nanotechnology solutions may help decrease the environmental pollution from energy use6.

Based on the promising nanotechnology applications, four alternative energy sources (alternatives), solar energy, hydrogen and energy storage can be distinguished.



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