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Types of photonics-related products include

  • Laser diodes
  • Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and organic LEDs
  • Lens coatings
  • Optical recording media
  • Optical fibre cladding
  • Anti-scratch/ anti-stick coatings
  • High-pressure discharge lamps
  • Advanced lithographic tools

Among the major challenges facing manufacturers of nanotechnology photonics products are the current high cost of integrating nanotechnology with photonic equipment and components, difficulty in justifying price increases for performance, the need for an experienced and knowledgeable labour force, and the extensive R&D costs of introducing new products to the market.

Emerging applications include:

  • Flat-panel displays and digital image sensors (using quantum dots);
  • Transparent conducting electrodes (with carbon nanotubes, graphene);
  • Super lenses (using nanowires);
  • Photonic add/drop filters (incorporating nanocomposites);
  • Optical switches and optical amplifiers (using quantum dots);
  • Next generation nano-lithographic tools (nanoimprint, nanotools); and
  • Holographic memory (spin waves).

The economic impact of photonics in the future is expected to range across many sectors including transport, construction, retail, energy and medical and healthcare.

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