Photonics - Overview - Standards Text

The standardisation of photonics is shared amongst several technical committees (TC) of the International Standardisation Organisation. The dedicated ISO/TC for photonics is ISO/TC 172 Optics and photonics. The nanoscale aspects of photonics are however being covered by ISO/TC 229 Nanotechnologies and IEC/TC 113. The twin technical committees develop a joint vocabulary series for nanotechnologies that encompass nano photonics. A technical specification ISO/DTS 80004-10 Nanotechnologies -- Vocabulary -- Part 10: Nano-enabled photonic components and systems is currently under development. Other electronic aspects are covered by IEC/TC 76 Optical radiation safety and laser equipment.

In Europe, the European Standardisation Committee (CEN) has a dedicated technical committee TC 352 that has been working with nanotechnologies. CEN/TC 123 Lasers and photonics and CEN/TC 352 Nanotechnology are responsible for the same issues as mentioned above for ISO. They have however not developed standards relevant to nanotechnology photonics.