Call for study proposals
14 March 2023

The European Union Observatory for Nanomaterials (EUON) is looking for topics that could be addressed in its upcoming studies. 

If you have a proposal for a specific study topic that fills an information gap relevant to nanomaterials on the EU market, EUON may be able to carry it out. Submit your proposal by 27 April 2023 and contribute to the work of the EUON.

Nanomaterials and health


ImageNanomaterials and health

Are substances in nanoforms more dangerous than they are in their normal size? Some are and some are not. Just like any other chemical substance, nanomaterials have to be assessed separately.



ImageFighting cancer using nanotechnology

Nanomaterials are not only used in consumer products, but also in new and innovative medical treatments. Research has shown that nanoparticles can be used to damage and even destroy cancer cells from within.


Three infographics in a tablet computer,

Visit the interactive Infographics to learn more about nanomaterials around us and in the most popular products.

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