Search for nanomaterials

Search for nanomaterials

Here you can search for nanomaterials that are currently on the EU market. The data is collected from publicly available information from REACH registrations, the Cosmetics Regulation as well as French and Belgian national inventories. The results are linked to ECHA’s chemicals database.

As there are differences in defining nanomaterials and tonnage reporting thresholds, the presence of a nanomaterial in any single data source does not mean that it is present in all of them. As the data sources have differing reporting rules and scopes, it is not always possible to match a material reported in one of the data sources with the substance in ECHA’s database. Where no match is possible, the material in the original data source has not been reported.

Some of the information on registered substances may belong to third parties. The use of such information may therefore require prior permission from third party owners.

Consult the legal notice for further information.

Last updated 24 November 2021. Database contains 322 unique substances/entries.
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Substance identity Search for nanomaterials in the French and Belgian nanomaterial inventories, nanoforms in REACH registrations, and nanomaterials used in cosmetics as notified to the European Commission’s Cosmetics Products notification portal.You can search by the name of the chemical, EC or CAS number, or other numerical identifiers. All public substance identifiers of all types will be searched. Full or partial names can be used and the results will be prioritised accordingly.You can filter your search by specific data sources by selecting the data source(s) you are interested in. Using the AND operator will return results that are present in all of the data sources selected, while using an OR operator will return results present in any of the data sources selected.
Nano tonnage You can limit your search to specific tonnage bands here. The filtering searches information notified to the French and Belgian authorities, where such information is publicly available. You may also search for results where no tonnage information is provided by selecting “No Data” under the tonnage band drop down.
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Identified nano uses You can search information available on the uses of nanomaterials from where publicly available from the French national inventory. You may search by the different use descriptors using either AND or OR operators. Using the AND operator will return results that have all the uses selected, while using an OR operator will return results that have any of the uses indicated.
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