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Nanopinion: Unlocking the Potential of In Silico Modelling and Read-Across Approaches for Nanomaterials

Read the latest Nanopinion by Dr Dimitra-Danai Varsou, Maria Antoniou and Dr Antreas Afantitis where they discuss the findings of the latest study done for the EUON. They present read-across and in silico approaches as alternative methods to conventional hazard and risk assessments for nanomaterials and share insights from the case studies that were performed as part of the study. 

“The rise of nanotechnology and its applications has led to the development of novel nanomaterials (NMs) that differ from their bulk analogues with respect to their physicochemical properties and behaviour. The use of NMs in the EU and globally is continuously increasing with various commercial segments such as cosmetics, paints, sensors, batteries, manufacturing, etc. driving the EU NMs market growth. Regardless of their benefits, NMs, in some cases, may be harmful to animals and humans. Therefore, more work is needed in the fields of safety-and-sustainability-by-design and risk assessment of NMs.”

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