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White Paper on OECD Test Guideline Development published by NanoHarmony


The authors of the NanoHarmony White Paper have analysed processes in test method development to identify obstacles and unnecessary delaying factors. In the informational document on OECD Test Guideline development, they offer solutions in the form of eight recommendations in four key areas: 

  • Up-to-datedness of OECD Test Guidelines
  • Engagement of the scientific community
  • Validation of methods
  • Funding of the Test Guideline development

The White Paper is the result of a project funded under Horzion 2020 – the EU’s research and innovation programme.


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The NanoHarmony project was funded under Horizon 2020 -- the European Union's research and innovation programme. Its mission was to support the development of Test Guidelines and Guidance Documents for eight endpoints where nanomaterial-adapted test methods have been identified as a regulatory priority. NanoHarmony accelerated the development of the test method by coordinating the collection and use of available data and information, as well as organising a sustainable network for significant exchange.

The 3.5-year project started on 1 April 2020 and brought together 14 expert partners from 10 European Countries who worked alongside OECD and ECHA to accelerate the development of priority Test guidelines and Guidance Documents for nanomaterials.