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This is part of an email from The Peacemaker. He is responding to the recent reader mail titled “Use Common Sense” in which a reader asked me how to greet a girl when he first meets her on a date or whatever. The reason I said what I said, is because it is one of those situations where there are so many possible answers that you could literally write a book on how to go about proceeding. It’s like asking “How do I move my dick so that it feels the best for the girl when it’s inside of a girl”.

Everyone knows that there are so many different variables that there is no straight answer that could be given. It all depends on the girls personality, the situation, what she’s comfortable etc. In short, the only way that this can feasibly be answered, is through experience. I got into a discussion with The Brown Guy about this yesterday where he was overanalyzing a simple situation that could only realistically be answered by gaining experience. I give you guys a ton of information and it’s up to you to figure out the little nuances through gaining experience.

I was just wondering...when you meet up with a girl for the first time for drinks, after meeting her only once before (by getting her number on the street or in a bar), what do you do when you first meet her? Give a half hug? Just nod and say whats up? High five? Fist pound? (the last two were not serious)...but really...I always come out awkward during the first 5 second interaction because I don't know what to do. I don't know anything about the girl except for 5 minutes of conversation when I first met her and got her number, so a hug seems like too much, and for some reason just nodding and saying hello seems too cold and distant. Any ideas?

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