Pesquisar nanomateriais


EC/List no: 229-388-1 CAS no: 6505-28-8
REACH Registration Yes
EU cosmetics inventory No
Belgian nano inventory No
French nano inventory Yes
Belgian inventory
French inventory
Uses information
Environmental release category
Article Category
Product Category PC 9a: Coatings and paints, thinners, paint removes
Process Category PROC 8b: Transfer of substance or mixture (charging and discharging) at dedicated facilities
Sector of Use SU 10: Formulation [mixing] of preparations and/or re-packaging (excluding alloys)
Belgian Inventory Uses (NACE)
REACH Nanoform Characterisation
Nanoform type single nanoform
Crystallinity Structure Crystalline
Shape category Platelet
Specific surface area 21.5 m²/g
ca. 21.5 m²/g
ca. 30 m²/g
ca. 32.9 m²/g
Surface treatment / functionalisation no
Surface treating agent ID