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Open access book chapter: "Nanoregisters in Europe" now available through EUON

EUON is proud to announce that the chapter “Nanoregisters in Europe” from the recently published book “Particle Technology and Textiles: Review of Applications” has just been made available to the public. 

The chapter introduces the creation of national nano inventories, with a focus on the French, Belgian, and Danish nano registers. It also covers the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal and EUON in separate sub-chapters.

EUON, which is funded by the European Commission and hosted by ECHA, has financed the chapter’s availability for everyone free of charge.  

The chapter can also be accessed via the EUON page National reporting schemes which has seen some updates in all 23 EU official languages.



De Gruyter recently published a comprehensive book “Particle Technology and Textiles: Review of Applications”. Consisting of 10 parts divided into 28 chapters contributed by leading experts and covering more than 500 pages. The goal of this unique book is to present an overall picture of the use of micro-and nanoparticles in textiles. It is designed to be a reference textbook on the application of particle science in the development of new structures for use in the development of innovative textile products. 


Further information

“Particle Technology and Textiles: Review of Applications”

Chapter 21 “Nanoregisters in Europe” by Abdelqader Sumrein