General Court annuls harmonised classification of titanium dioxide as carcinogenic
1 December 2022

On 23 November 2022, in its judgment in joined cases T-279/20, T-283/20 and T-288/20, the General Court considered that the Commission made a manifest error in its assessment of the reliability and acceptability of the study on which the classification was based. It also found that the Commission infringed the criterion according to which that classification can relate only to a substance that has the intrinsic property to cause cancer.

Nanomaterials and health


ImageNanomaterials and health

Are substances in nanoforms more dangerous than they are in their normal size? Some are and some are not. Just like any other chemical substance, nanomaterials have to be assessed separately.



ImageFighting cancer using nanotechnology

Nanomaterials are not only used in consumer products, but also in new and innovative medical treatments. Research has shown that nanoparticles can be used to damage and even destroy cancer cells from within.

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